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Writers Block Help Tips

1) Write While You Sleep. It’s been proven that allowing your subconscious mind to take over and solve problems while you’re getting your nightly Z’s is one of the best ways to break through writer’s block.

Experts from StudyDaddy suggest to write for a half-hour before bed, then as you fall asleep, think about the problem you’re stuck on, then your subconscious will go to town solving it while you’re off in dreamland. Sometimes you’ll dream about the solution, too, and since it doesn’t come from the conscious mind, there’s no censorship getting in the way of receiving great ideas.

2) Reconsider Your Writing Space. This is an especially good bit of practical help. Step back and take a look at your space objectively. Are your legs cramped? Do you not have enough light? Not enough space to put your most commonly used writing tools and office supplies? Would it help to go someplace else like a library or a coffee shop?

Personally, I find it soothing to be in either one of those types of places, especially at a bookstore because there’s food and drinks at my disposal–at least till closing time–and there’s always a little ambient noise around me. Plus, if I feel in a rut, I can definitely grab something riveting to read to take a mental vacation–or inspire something new!

3) Read Other People’s Work. Not only does this give your brain a vacation, reading other people’s writing can possibly inspire you with ideas you’d never thought of. A great resource for this is the newspaper. Pick one up a have a read while you’re sitting on that bus or train.

4) Create a Routine. I know, I know. Routine is often a dirty word to many creatives, and that’s the way I used to feel, but to be honest, creating a routine around my writing has really set my brain to permanent “getting ready to write mode.” Plus, having a regular routine is good for the body, anyway.

Maybe even write a list of things to do each day and keep to it. Pair this with “Move Your Body,” and you’ll be more likely to be a fountain of creativity.

5) Set Deadlines—And Keep Them. This goes along with creating a routine—and it actually expands the notion of a routine because not only with a routine are you priming your brain’s well for writing, by also setting deadlines to meet, even if those deadlines are only for yourself, you’re setting yourself up for further success in completing something, as opposed to not finishing anything. Follow this one piece of advice and see your completed project list start to build up.

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